CLIENT: Personal 

In 2011, I decided to live for 90 days without technology. No cell phone. No email. No internet. And no TV. Aside from being the most blissful three months of my life, it also ended up being an amazing career move. My story - and the incredibly cringe-worthy video I made about the experience - got picked up by the popular press and then a recruiter at Leo Burnett Chicago inexplicabally offered me my first job in advertising.

Recognition: The video racked up 5 million views online, with coverage from The Today Show, The Tonight Show, GMA, Ellen, USA Today, CNN, Yahoo!, and 20+ additional press outlets. Plus, for some insane reason, an executive at Sony Screen Gems called and asked me to sell them the rights to, and write a screenplay treatment about my story. Which, of course, is still sitting on a shelf collecting dust somehwere.